When I'm Gone || Jeon Jung Kook

When I'm Gone || Jeon Jung Kook

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❁Hana❁ By wxtxrfxll Updated Dec 26, 2016

❝Heartbreak. That's what I felt. It hurt.

Foolish. That's what I was. Treating her like she was a toy I could just throw around and then asking her out? What the hell was I thinking.

I should've thought this over. 

I should've never called.

I should've never bullied her.

Why did I treat her like that anyway? Why am I asking myself about this now?❞

Just another one of those "bully falls in love" stories. Cliche as heck but who gives a fuck?

DISCLAMER: All characters (except for BTS and other idols) and events are purely fictional. Anything relating to real life is completely a coincidence.

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tiitunicorn tiitunicorn Jul 20, 2017
Here I am, going to read this awesome story again, almost every else book are boring, and I wanted to read this again, so no I'm gonna do it :)
JslcgBA JslcgBA Apr 29, 2016
Personally, I love it when I'm home alone. The cook stays in her room, I dance around the house. It's paradise. 😂
JslcgBA JslcgBA Apr 29, 2016
                              Author-nim. This face again 🙈😻😹
I literally saw you in the comments of a book. I clicked your profile, read your awesome description, and came to this.
- - Oct 16, 2016
This is not trashy, I'm so freaking excited to continue reading this omagerd literally
JslcgBA JslcgBA Apr 29, 2016
Crazy classmates. I just love how they do it at the same time. And to be frank, I do it with them if something happens 😆😂