Becoming Strangers

Becoming Strangers

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*1st book of the 'War' series*

Liana Odindottir is the youngest child of Odin, the King of Asgard, the only daughter of Frigga and the sister to Thor and Loki. She's always been close to her brothers; sharing Thor' thirst battle and Loki's devotion to magic. Yet when Thor's coronation gets interrupted by Frost giants, Liana finds everything in her life slowly falling apart piece by piece.

(Be warned, needs to be heavily updated)

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Arachne3127 Arachne3127 Aug 27
Trying to get the crazy idea out if his head that he put there in the first place
Tiger2627 Tiger2627 Jun 11
Thor = griffindor 
                              Loki = Slytherin 
                              Liana = RAVENCLAW (like me)
Freedom5556 Freedom5556 Jun 20
Omg 😱!! Me and Volstagg would be such a good friends!!!!!! Omg in dieing here please help me!!! I NEED to meet him!!! We could eat Sooooo much food, you need to add me in this thang! Ha yeah right, I would totally fit in there!! Ya probably ain't even seen this comment
kool_beans47 kool_beans47 Dec 23, 2016
Wouldn't she be Odindottir? Idk bro. Cool book so far though
XxTVSxX XxTVSxX Jan 30
I just realized it was the Gryffindor and Slytherin colors…
You spell it Óðinsdóttir and I am Icelandic so I know sooooooo much about Ásgarð, Sif,Óðinn,Þór and Loki    P.S my name is Sif Egilsdóttir and my brothers names are Óðinn Darri Egilsson,Þór Egilsson