Why Me? - yaoi

Why Me? - yaoi

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Ryuuzaki Amano.
The popular star athlete in the Senior Class, comes from a well off wealthy family. All the girls dream to be his....All the guys want to be him. Ryuuzaki is the guy who gets whatever he wants, when he wants it...So why is he not happy with life? Dating the captain of the cheerleader team who is the hottest girl in school along with having money should make him happy right? So why does he feel like something is not quite right...that he is missing something....

Hikaru Yamashita.
The new junior and loner. Depression, sadness and loneliness fills his life. Sits alone at school listening to music while always wearing a sweater to hide his past attempts. Lives alone with his mother and some days food is considered a luxury to them...Never able to spend enough time in one place to make any friends, that also rules out finding someone to love him for who he is...

What will happen when these two guys get thrown together....
Is friendship a possibility....which would be a first for Hikaru.
Or perhaps something more.....Something that Ryuuzaki never thought possible.
Ok everyone...this is my first non voltage or anime story.....
The guys and story line are not based from anything. Meaning the characters and plot lines belong to me...and me alone....
I hope you enjoy!
Obviously...if you are not a Yaoi (boy x boy) fan....THEN DO NOT READ!!!!


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Sweety_Dream-nyan Sweety_Dream-nyan Nov 11, 2017
Would have said 'better than being a bitch like you guy' send a kiss and walk away
famyousuck famyousuck Jul 23, 2017
Wait he said guy, ahh so he knows that he's gay, makes sense. I'm rooting for you!!!!
famyousuck famyousuck Jul 23, 2017
I started singing the song by Justin Bieber. I can't believe the mom is also one of us, I wish my mum was like that too, but that'll never happen, that's why I keep me being a yaoi fan a secret.
the-Anime-dude the-Anime-dude Dec 03, 2017
Never say never? But you already said never! Justin Bieber is coming to the story XD
famyousuck famyousuck Jul 23, 2017
I'm all that yet I still have plenty of friends....😑 Maybe something's just wrong with me.
famyousuck famyousuck Jul 23, 2017
Aww poor dude.... I wonder though, how far have you gone 😕???