Hisoka x reader lemon

Hisoka x reader lemon

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bowtiesandsnails By bowtiesandsnails Updated Nov 13, 2017

hisoka x reader lemon
i feel there's not that much tribute to this lovely perverted character 

ALSO:: this story is for the smaller chested community (like me) so if you have a bigger size then just substitute your boob size in ... 


WARNING: some scenarios may be too graphic

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Brikana Brikana Oct 20, 2017
I'm still not over the fact that you expect my potato self to run for two hours. 
                              I mean, c'mon. I can barely run out the door without taking a break. Be realistic.
Hisoka05 Hisoka05 Feb 27
Haha I get it it's in reference of hisoka but I'm right here u know
Fnafgurl89023 Fnafgurl89023 Dec 30, 2017
welp *grabs a condom* guess its my time.......*is dragged away* remember meeeeeeeeee
Hisoka05 Hisoka05 Feb 27
Wow very interesting I love it bit not as much as gons butt I'm a perv 😌😌
BlazingFyre BlazingFyre Aug 21, 2017
Come lets play a game of chinese poker
                              My favourite card: the two of spades cuz the spade can dig out my grave AFTER MY TERRIBLE MATHS PAPER
Your_everyday_sadist Your_everyday_sadist Sep 30, 2017
Now we don't refer to him as the one who killed our bestie, no, he's the one who made us cum in our dream lmao.