Hisoka x reader lemon

Hisoka x reader lemon

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bowtiesandsnails By bowtiesandsnails Updated Nov 13

hisoka x reader lemon
i feel there's not that much tribute to this lovely perverted character 

ALSO:: this story is for the smaller chested community (like me) so if you have a bigger size then just substitute your boob size in ... 


WARNING: some scenarios may be too graphic

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Rinkelitar Rinkelitar Oct 08
Throw your girl to a wall, she will right just there love you
If it was me maybe if he loves truly then yes and no b'cause  of muderer and having the girls as sex slave
Me when I hate someone and started liking him(in a anime don't get the wrong idea)
I would've instantly tried to help her. Even if it killed me, because, shes the only one left that I truly desire to fight for. 
                              I'm such a cringey motherfucker- oml- NVM ME HAHA
Excuse me but I have a rather large chest and DAMN IT DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO WEAR! The clothing choice was..just..i'm sorry I would never wear a turtle neck.
Brikana Brikana Oct 20
I'm still not over the fact that you expect my potato self to run for two hours. 
                              I mean, c'mon. I can barely run out the door without taking a break. Be realistic.