Accidental Fame (Fame #4)

Accidental Fame (Fame #4)

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*cover by Nataso03*

Zander Millington has one dream and one dream only:

       To become a famous popstar and have people recognize him for his talent. There is just one tiny flaw in his dream. He can't sing in front of anyone.

       Zander's parents own one of the best music studios in the city and he sometimes assists them since he knows a thing or two about music. One day, while cleaning up a sound booth, he fools around with the mic and sings a song he wrote. Little did he know the booth recorded him singing.

       The next day, his song is on the radio and everyone is wondering who the mystery singer is. The recording studio is even offering a contract for the mystery singer once he reveals himself.

       If he reveals himself.

       Zander has no intention on telling the world he's the mystery singer. He needs to keep it a secret, even though one thing hanging on his wall stares at him every night:

       "Dear, Zander. Don't ever give up your dream. -Hunter Bolton"

This is a spin off of the three following books: Waiting for the Right One, Living the Legacy, and My Song For You, but this can be read as a stand-alone.

We all know that you are going to either come forward or get caught, either way you are getting signed by yo daddy😊
I don't like the fact that u use Shawn as the cover. His fame wasn't accidental I mean have u heard him sing it's not luck it's talent
Please you are going to either come forward or get caught either way you are getting signed by yo daddy
alaura_rukh alaura_rukh Aug 26
This story gives me the feeling of "Rags" the movie :-) I'm so so excited to see this!
sofiag_15 sofiag_15 Oct 03, 2016
Hey I'm listening to treat you better on the radio once I started reading this like right now
harleenhollow harleenhollow Aug 11, 2016
Fun,  Shawn is awesome! I'm going to go see him soon! I'm excited 😂