A Vampire's Slave [ManxBoy, BDSM]

A Vampire's Slave [ManxBoy, BDSM]

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mavdaniels By mavdaniels Updated Aug 15, 2016

"That is correct, love." He was now looking down on me.

"D-don't call me love." I was retreating away from him.

"Last time I checked, you don't order me around. I order you around, love."

He grabbed my leg and pulled me to him. He laughed as I whimpered like a puppy. His hand went to my thigh then to my crotch.

"You are mine now."

Jake Schmidt has been kidnapped by a powerful vampire. The powerful vampire, Vincent Anaxagoras, has been finding a new replacement for his previous slave who just died because of too much blood loss. But Jake was determined to escape out alive from the Vampire's hold. He was different from the previous slave who were just offering themselves to the vampire but Jake won't become a slave to a him. 

Explicit mxm, bdsm, and rape involved.

Yaoi-suki Yaoi-suki Sep 24, 2016
But.... He hasn't seen any fangs... That's some leap of logic he took. (Sorry im picking *bows*
FuckingKata FuckingKata Jan 25
Imagine him getting under a blanket and the vampire saying "He's under the blanket. Can't get him now"
Yaoi-suki Yaoi-suki Sep 24, 2016
I guess it's normal to ask them not to kill you, but telling them what grade you're in just seems weird to me...
wags1313 wags1313 Nov 20, 2016
"A freshman? Oh ok, I'll let you go and wait for next year," said nobody.
yahboimothman yahboimothman Nov 14, 2016
"Yeah no I won't kill you cause you're a freshman in college ahah of course"
AllyCat- AllyCat- Oct 17, 2016
*That voice like the nerdy guy from Phineas and Ferb* It doesn't work that way