(Natsu x Reader) Crush • One-Shots[OPEN]

(Natsu x Reader) Crush • One-Shots[OPEN]

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✧тѕ By LoliRainbow Updated Jan 13

A heart pounding sensation, filled with butterflies and cheek burning moments. With careless actions and blood rushing scenes. 

Caused by none other than the one person constantly on your mind. Continuously catching your breath with every smile or laugh. Making you feel like your being swallowed whole by how the sound of your heart echoes in side of your ears. 

And, honestly, it just started out as one, small, crush. 


[Requests - OPEN] any scenario or imagine you'd like! Natsu X Reader (mainly). 

Want to request? You can either message me or comment in the comment box!

Well........that was....................deep and ........................depressing.....😶
Ya I remember now! Apparently I am a albino! I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE AN ALBINO!!!
My cheeks aren't pale, they're always red no matter what >.<
AriesHood5 AriesHood5 Jul 13
um...don't want to sound emo or anything but....i don't have a heart anymore....it stopped beating when i was 7 and started 2nd grade....that was 7 years ago...now i'm in 8th grade and it still hasn't done ONE beat.....i'm dead on the inside ;-;
I have very taned skin thanks to my amazing taning ways at the beach
Can you do a lemon? I'm obsessed with those lol 🙈 I also like fluff c: