Treasure Me

Treasure Me

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Miliani Lani By MilianiLani Updated Aug 04

Anais Jade White has lived in her apartment for about 5 years now. And ever since she moved in, her neighbor has been there. In her apartment. All the time. Never leaving.

"Seriously Justin! What do you want?"

"I just wanted to see my beautiful AJ!"

Justin Hughes is going to be the death of her.

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Don't hate the name! I think it's lovely, maybe even lovelier with an ï :p
Everyone's talking about dicks, and I'm just sitting here thinking how hard it must be waking up at 5am to exercise. Couldn't go
Mi_Moon Mi_Moon Mar 31, 2016
All African Americans hair is nice and curly, so what are you trying to say?
MilianiLani MilianiLani Mar 31, 2016
I know thay lol.  She's saying that in comparison to a Caucasian there are pros and cons.
tame112blood tame112blood Jan 14, 2016
His feet on my coffee table with my OCD would lead him down the path to God. #deadman
Clearly_Semantic Clearly_Semantic Oct 30, 2015
LOL. I Would have cut somebody. No one puts their feet on my stuff. Death wishes aside. But Justin is trying to be cute with his annoying, 'I'm not poking you' self. Smh. AJ has my apartment. She needs to give it here. LOL.