The Northridge Ripper | Harry Styles

The Northridge Ripper | Harry Styles

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Romy By glitter-bug Updated May 10

*** VERY DARK Harry Styles Fanfiction! ***

This story depicts violence, sexual situations, and a very dominant alpha male Harry. You have been warned!


Violet never believed in the dark tales surrounding the forest outside her home: tales of evil lurking just behind picturesque treelines, of little girls stolen away deep within the snow-covered mountaintops, never to be seen again. 

Tales of a serial killer... a ripper.

At nineteen years old, Violet is more interested in getting away from the banal existence small town Vermont has to offer, ensnared by dreams of living, of experiencing a life more meaningful. Soon, however, she may have to worry about escaping a fate far worse.

A man. Someone who has an insatiable thirst for revenge. And Violet happens to become tangled up right in the middle of it. In his supposed, twisted plight to be her saviour, he may well destroy the one person whose innocence he wishes to preserve and protect. 

Violet will lose the very freedom she once took for granted.

One remote cabin in the middle of a national forest, newly inhabited by a terrified girl who has been taken by a potentially psychotic man, and legends of a serial killer encompassing it all.


Cover by @inzeffable!

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I feel bad for the girl but I swear ro God I'll nut to infinity if he says this to me
ilikevodka ilikevodka Sep 02, 2016
Usually I say this to my food but we all have different tastes so do you Harry poo do you
ilikevodka ilikevodka Sep 02, 2016
Girl yes u can u might feel horrible for the rest of your life but hey at u got one
ilikevodka ilikevodka Sep 02, 2016
How is he going to give you nightmares and then comfort you that's sick
anatomicalangel anatomicalangel Aug 20, 2016
Like the metaphors and direct comparisons create a vivid imagery, I really like it
ilikevodka ilikevodka Sep 02, 2016
Dang Harry you not even going to tie her to a bed or something