Let It Begin [Completed]

Let It Begin [Completed]

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Noemi Fernandaz By NoemiAmyNemo Completed

" You are my mate and i forbid you from going out with any other guy.", he hissed.
"You can't do this to me! I have rights you know!", i yelled.
"Whatever. If you disobey me there will be consequences!", He left me there. watching after him as he leave. 
 Ugh! he just makes me so angry!
He would always harass any guy that talks and/or touches me. 
He rejected me as his mate.
Rejection hurts alot when the person your ment to be with say's no. Now i am going to hurt him. by making him jealous...

Let it Begin...


Sapphire Estelle is a 17 year old girl who wants to find her mate.  On her seventieth birthday, The alpha has announced that her and Aiden landon are mates.  Aiden denied her. All she ever wanted was a mate to be with her.  But that will never happen.  When he found her at a party dancing with another guy he was full of rage.  He ordered not to go out or dance with any other guy.  Sapphire thought it wasn't fair.  After that nighthe brought more girls to his house. Sapphire automatically knew that the reason that he denied her, Is because he isn't the type to be with one girl.  He is a player. Like some say Once a Player, Always a Player.  Sapphire Decided to mess with him by flirting with other guys.  Making Jealous....

I have such a dirty mind....as I read this I thought "she has a dick"
Is it northern or southern? Northern accent are cute even though they pronounce words like 'grass' and 'bath' wrong.
As to where.............
                              Man that's a cliffhanger and it ain't even the book😂
Is there an IHOP in London or Brighton? I don't think so because if there was I would have found it, come to England IHOP!!!!!!
I thought she already KNEW he was her mate...? And also, I thought she knew he was gonna reject her. I'm confused...
Jessica_Noelle Jessica_Noelle Feb 03, 2015
I have a brother named Ethan but he is almost 2 years older than me