Talking To My Dream *A Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Love Story*

Talking To My Dream *A Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Love Story*

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Queen Nikki By Imbeingsmart Updated Nov 25, 2015

Blonde hair gently hangs over a fresh, dreamy face. Expressive gray eyes, set appealingly within their sockets, watch fondly over the village they've have been separated from for so long.
Plump red lips are pulled into a thin line as she watches the others begin to stride forward. Long black eyelashes are batting the snow from her emotion-filled eyes.

The is the face of Serenity Buckets, a true angel in her family. She stands gracefully among the others.

There's something irregular about her, perhaps it's her patience or perhaps it's simply a feeling of comfort. But nonetheless, people tend to assist her, whilst trying to hide from her.

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RoryHayde RoryHayde Sep 26, 2016
That is not true I read the story charlie had no sister or brother only 4 old old old  people and the perints that thay are 30 and 40  the are not rell
ScarySpaghettiLover ScarySpaghettiLover Jan 28, 2017
Chocolate? Did you say CHOCOLATE??? CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!😉😉
TheLemonScreamer TheLemonScreamer Feb 01, 2017
I love chocolat too but I'm not able to have it cause I go nutz