Falling for the bad boy (on hold)

Falling for the bad boy (on hold)

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NSJ🦄 By nic0le_s Updated Feb 07, 2017

"If you love me, prove it" 


"Shout it to the world" 

*whispers* "I love you" 

"Why did you whisper it to me?" 

"Because you are my world"

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estelle_batchelor estelle_batchelor Nov 10, 2017
I feel you. I think I've only ever slept whilst traveling (that I can remember) was last year for like 2-4 hours of a 12 or so hour flight lmao cars on the other hand, bloody shoot myself. They're the worst
LeeAnnHaworth LeeAnnHaworth Oct 09, 2017
Seriously i only force myself to sleep on a plane because I hate heights and I'm not too fond of planes so I sleep cause we can't feel anything and the time goes by faster
AllieHeart195 AllieHeart195 Oct 23, 2016
Same, besides I don't think you should ever sleep on a plane.
astrophile- astrophile- Dec 31, 2016
Where is she coming from for it to be a 24 hour flight? The longest flight recorded is only 18 and that flight was suspended.
AllieHeart195 AllieHeart195 Oct 23, 2016
Damn, first paragraph (amazingly written, btw) and I already know I'm gonna be hooked!
-minimallymint -minimallymint Oct 28, 2015
That Description just hit me in the feels. Haven't even started yet and I LOVE it.