Who's the new girl?(Under construction)/on hold

Who's the new girl?(Under construction)/on hold

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Carly Jauregui hernadez the 1st bitch By Carlyhadley Updated Aug 08, 2016

Our football captain (Perrie) shows the new girl (Jade) around at school just to be nice, but soon mends a friendship with Jade.

But that starts mess up the social order? 
Jade who is a shy little transfer who starts to unravel from Perries both (mostly) positive and negative influence making Jade do things she wouldn't normally do. Taking that chance she wounded have before. 

both separately have a gift they both share but don't know they share until one music class. As they story processes so does their relationship.
Both girls gifts can come into the others to work together, angelic voices.

Perrie slowly starts tripping for Jade as they spend more and more time together as does Jade. Until one day , it just hits them. 
The bet that in-debts Perrie and jades relationship, makes Perrie finds out who her real friends are. There will be a winner to this bet but for what? A lousy 100 bucks? 
There's a few bumps in the road but they always find their way back to eachother.

Sucky summery leave me alone, I wanna write a hella good story for you guys, peace✌

How do people just have 20 dollars in their pockets I stg it takes me forever to own that much!!!
Carlyhadley Carlyhadley Apr 20
Im Canadian, We just carry random ass money with us everywhere tbh I forgot that this didn't apply to other countries whoops my b
jerriesecretluv jerriesecretluv Jul 20, 2016
Im glad harry is not bad here. And I hope louis and liam too... 😂
jerriethirlwardsx jerriethirlwardsx May 21, 2016
Is this like the same as year 9 & 10? If so, where do they say 9th and 10th form becuz I would like to find out?
Braywray Braywray Jul 06, 2016
My American mind always thinking about the NFL when I hear football when out there it America's soccer 😜