The Better Badboy ( Incest , boyxboyxboy)

The Better Badboy ( Incest , boyxboyxboy)

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Irony By Heretheirony Updated Apr 26, 2016

Jude Savage is hurt . After secretly loving  his crush for two years , he finally gets the chance to fully be in love . One night in the perfect arms he thought . But people don't just  change . Lex Monte is the schools badboy and Jude's first and only love , until Lex lies about sleeping with him in front of the whole school . Now Jude is the schools slut and lier . Bad reputation.

Jude is out for revenge . Who dose he turn to . His older twin brothers , the school jocks and kings . Sinclair and Inkrage. Or more formally known as Sin and Ink Savage.

" Let's make a deal , I'll give you anything you want , if you help me destroy Lex " ._ The Better Bad Boy.

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I'm not sure why but the word abomination makes me want to burst out laughing.
MarieLovesTravel MarieLovesTravel Jan 28, 2016
The story is amazing! Can't wait for the next chapter. Will u paste a pic of Sin then? Would be amazing! The plot also seems pretty good so far.
                              Marie xx
Bleh188 Bleh188 Oct 11, 2016
Bro. You're alive tho. That has to fit in somehow. She needs you somehow. And that's good. Altho, hopefully not the best you'll get.
shesmajesty shesmajesty Aug 20, 2016
shitting lord? lol I shouldn't be laughing but I can't help it.
jdsnakecool jdsnakecool Apr 02, 2016
MissJacksonkma MissJacksonkma Dec 30, 2016
Oh my lord if I weren't bi both of them would make me straight like...have mercy.