To Tame A Dragon Tamer (Hiccup x Reader)

To Tame A Dragon Tamer (Hiccup x Reader)

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xxOceanDustxx By xxOceanDustxx Updated Oct 21, 2016

You are a normal village girl in Berk, and as you know, Hiccup made history when he made peace with dragons many many years ago. (This story sets in a year after the second movie, HTTYD 2.) 

You didnt notice the Chief's son so much because you didnt want to get involved with the other fans of his. Especially Astrid. 

One day the village gets a report about a wild Night Fury roaming other islands. Hiccup and Toothless were sent on the job. So what will happen when they return to the village saying that they will keep the new dragon till they find the rightful owner?

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h0tnspicymemes h0tnspicymemes Jul 25, 2017
*Doing some math.*
                              *Stares at snoutlout*
                              Yeah.... I have 0% Interest....
Mystic_ArcticWolf Mystic_ArcticWolf Jun 19, 2017
I was mentally screaming in happiness as I read this because this is exactly how I would act
Neko_Girl64 Neko_Girl64 May 13, 2017
To I have a power that when I get something like a panic attack it trigers without my control. I hope so
RetroRed RetroRed Jul 19, 2017
He should've have a dragon with him. Especially a trained one
HeavenShipper HeavenShipper May 24, 2017
If I were ever to be in this story, the twins wouldn't exist and we would be a triplet 😂
h0tnspicymemes h0tnspicymemes Jul 25, 2017
The twins would literally be me and my friend when we're both hyper and anime deprived.