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Warning: You might fall in love with me (JackSepticEye x Reader)

Warning: You might fall in love with me (JackSepticEye x Reader)

24.7K Reads 984 Votes 11 Part Story
Dr. S By justasmalltownbee Completed

Y/n. A normal 19 year old.
    Head down, music in, until she runs into a guy. she doesnt realize its Sean, aka JackSepticEye, but falls in love nonetheless.

Kevin_Tran_ Kevin_Tran_ Nov 22, 2016
Wow. Nice way of making me look insane. I'm not like that at all.
unicornjewls unicornjewls Jul 22, 2016
I always thought his hair was more of a brown color before he dyed it to green.
CrazyWriterChick2020 CrazyWriterChick2020 Jul 18, 2016
Everyone's natural response when they realize they got a certain extremely hot irishman's number...
septicnyoombug septicnyoombug Dec 22, 2016
I read this as "I ran into his pink thighs" I might be reading this waaaYYYY too fast.
cooperelsa cooperelsa Feb 13
This would be me, without the blacking out. It is impossible to get me to black out.
Im not commenting on hair i just want to say the character already describes  me.......... I had one to many redbulls.....DAMNIT