You Belong To Me- Part 2 (KAYLOR)

You Belong To Me- Part 2 (KAYLOR)

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Due to Wattpad's 200 chapter limit...

This is PART TWO of the original story You Belong To Me.

Disclaimer: This fic is an emotional rollercoaster. I am not responsible for hysterical crying, stomach cramps due to laughing too hard, binge eating from nervousness or you questioning your life choices while sitting in a dark room, rocking back and forth on the floor in the corner.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!!

You're about to embark on the thoughts in my head,  enter at your own risk!!!

Please feel free to vote and comment. 

This story is pure FICTION.

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stillsliveluckily stillsliveluckily Feb 23, 2017
Kaylor_all_the_way Kaylor_all_the_way Jul 11, 2016
My French exchange student made me apple pie once and it was more like streusel (?). It was open faced, and had a more of creamy base (apple sauce)
Spookie2025 Spookie2025 Jan 05, 2016
Scott, is just over powering a future money maker kid, I think Taylor's nightmare are that she was envied and they are really nasty to her and that is why bad memories stay more in the conscious's proven...good girl friend Karlie came along.
- - Nov 02, 2015
Honestly, I'm speechless right, I cannot believe this happened to her. It explains a lot of things. I wonder what Karlie will do with this info and how she'll react, she cannot do anything that will affect Tay more, especially without consulting her!  Did miss S know about this?
- - Nov 02, 2015
Gosh how cute! How much I missed their adorable, caring self haha bistros got memories hun
nooneandtheonlyone nooneandtheonlyone Nov 02, 2015
Lol I thought something happened to you, since you didnt update...but its all good now