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"You're beautiful," he looked me dead in the eyes and I saw that he wasn't joking. He stood up and pulled me up with him.

"You are the most beautiful girl I laid my eyes on," he said.

"Then you must not have looked at a lot of girls," I responded looking at our feet. He pulled me into an embrace and put his hand on my hips. I tried to wiggle away from him, but he pulled me even closer tightening his grip on me. My head was off to the side. I didn't want to look at him. His finger found his way to my chin and he guided me to look into his eyes.

"I will help you see yourself how I see you. I will help you see that you are beautiful. You will love yourself as much as I love you," he proclaimed. He leaned forward breaking the space between us and kissed my cheek. He turned around grabbed my bag and grabbed his keys and went towards the door.
Eliza is a short overweight girl. She often compared herself to other girls. She has good friends, awesome brothers, and good grades. But her parents are barely there and when they are they are distant and often feels invisible. 

When a cute basketball player named Kai takes an interest in her, she finally feels important. He makes her feel alive, wanted, and safe. Battling with her family, friends, weight, and emotions for Kai she tries to find herself.