Hunter Academy 2: In The Dark

Hunter Academy 2: In The Dark

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Laura By Miss_Ever_After Completed

The sequel to Hunter Academy. Damien's survived a major event, but it seems like it's just on to the next one. Alexandria's acting secretive and she keeps disappearing at times. Naturally Damien's curious but when Alexandria refuses to tell him anything he takes matters into his own hands. Damien is going to try and figure out her secret, with the help of his friends, of course. 

That's not all... there's some weird things happening, there's someone after him. Damien's dream haven't seem to have gone away...and they are as cofusing as ever and they're taking their toll on him. But this is just the life he was born into, he can't change much, even if he wanted to...

Indeed many of the things that Damien's caught up in were out of his control. He never got a choice in the matter.

Miss_Ever_After Miss_Ever_After Jul 27, 2013
@achilles22 Wow thank you. That was probably one of the best comments I've received on one of my stories. It means a lot to me that people enjoy my stories.
katlevine katlevine Jul 11, 2013
This one is cool! I adore damien <3 I'm writing a tvd ff in case youbwant to check it out
Miss_Ever_After Miss_Ever_After Jul 03, 2012
@NaturalWriter Thanks. i've actually started the next chapter and i'm planning on having the next chapter done sometime this week :)
NaturalWriter NaturalWriter Jul 03, 2012
I likr... hope u update soon.... but i understand the hectic life of a uni student