Too Far

Too Far

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Music. Loud music. Our school dance was just getting started and Riley and I walked into the school gym, arms intertwined. As we stepped into the gym, the song changed to a slower song. I let go of Riley's arm, and she walked over to dance with Lucas. She had the biggest smile on her face.


Farkle then appeared infront of me, grinning like an idiot.

"So, Maya, since Riley's dancing with Lucas, that leaves you and me." His eyebrows raised as he extended his arm, offering me his hand.

Rolling my eyes, I took his hand and walked onto the floor with him.

I draped my arms over his shoulders as he gently placed his hands on my waist.

"You know, Maya, Riley and Lucas seem to be getting along pretty well."

"Yeah. Riley seems really happy with him."

"Do you think he'll ask her out?" Farkle hadn't smiled this whole conversation.


We were swaying back and forth, barely moving our feet, nearing the end of the song.

"I'm not sure. If he does I know she'll be the happiest g...

lucayaa1223 lucayaa1223 Nov 25, 2016
... and gave them to my mom because MAYA IS SO MUCH STRONGER THAN THAT
PrincessBrunette PrincessBrunette Dec 02, 2016
Sometimes I thing I'm clueless too
                              (not making fun just grabbed the opportunity lol)
brinaftrow brinaftrow Nov 05, 2016
just make lucas wait outside until he finally gives up simple as that
thatjerrieshipper thatjerrieshipper Jul 26, 2016
No, cutting is not the solution. Trust me! (I will not tell my story because it hurts thinking about it :///)
MysteryCookieMustach MysteryCookieMustach Aug 11, 2016
And gave them to a barber because MAYA HART IS STRONGER THAN THAT
mellyaleman_13 mellyaleman_13 Apr 24, 2016
Is it bad I almost threw up it just scares me the fact people would do that to them selves I understand why I'm not judging them but they have people to turn to its just depressing to me