Abnormal (Phan AU)

Abnormal (Phan AU)

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Alien Child By Lauren_Bennett Updated Feb 10

"You're an Abnormal, get it!? You're not normal, no, you're not even human!"

'Abnormal; (noun: Abnormals) A human being, or group of humans, who possess strange unique abilities. These include; flight, super strength, invisibility and more.'

Having abilities beyond human thinking can give you the 'abnormal' title but how 'abnormal' can a person get? 

In this story of horror, jealousy, betrayal and war three normal teenage students, Dan, Phil and Rhea live pretty normal lives, that is until the truth is uncovered, minds change and the fate of humanity is rested upon just ten young men and women who possess powers unlike any other human. Murderer or friend? Friend or foe? In this twisted world, having power can turn anyone into a monster...


(Please note this is NOT a Dan x Phil love story but rather an AU with Dan and Phil as the main characters. Thank you!)

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jellyfish34 jellyfish34 Jun 15, 2016
Ahh hi! I just wanted to tell you that I really like this so far, I'm adding it to my library. I was wondering if you could maybe check out my new Phan fic? It has my own original characters in it as well :3
Aimi_Hamilton Aimi_Hamilton Jul 17, 2016
                              IT'S LIKE TWO LEFT FEET BUT WITH HANDS
CloaphOfBread CloaphOfBread Jul 12, 2016
Ok, you're really not going to inform us on what happened to her and who did it? You, my dear author, are cruel. But good
-pacijin -pacijin Mar 15, 2016
I was just reading a phanfic where Phil fell down the stairs
TheSUHOE TheSUHOE Aug 08, 2016
Damn this is good already - finding gold on wattpad already ;)