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Gerard Way was put in to a mental hospital two years ago for killing somebody. Frank arrives one day due to suicidal thoughts that have been haunting him for years. They get closer each day and reveal to each other their innermost secrets. Gerard is a sociopath though. Sociopaths' intentions are never good.

a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

I finished A Splitting of the Mind and was inspired to make a story about Gee and Frankie in a mental institute. I also dedicate this to my favorite fanfiction author, @potatoyoghurt

  • antisocialpersonalitydisorder
  • cutting
  • dependentpersonalitydisorder
  • depression
  • ferard
  • frankiero
  • frerard
  • gerardway
  • institution
  • love
  • mcr
  • mentalhospital
  • mentalillness
  • mychemicalromance
  • posttraumaticstressdisorder
  • purgingdisorder
  • selfharm
  • sociopath
  • suicidal
  • suicideattempt
geewaylemon geewaylemon Feb 05
They also can’t have strings. I’ve been to three mental hospitals. Same stupid rules.
BuddyDaisy1 BuddyDaisy1 Jul 19, 2017
Where is his juice doesn't he like to drink it when he kills people since it's füçkįńg delicious. Milk would work as well.
TasteForSuicidal TasteForSuicidal Apr 26, 2017
Did he punch a window in dr.markmans office and in I forgot what it's called
transxkilljoy transxkilljoy Sep 05, 2016
I'm starting to remember the last time I read this how I hated Gerard...
XxGerardisdeadxX XxGerardisdeadxX Feb 25, 2017
What what does he have against mini pancakes? Y'all freaking out cause of the wheaties but I just wanna know why he's callin the mini pancakes pathetic... 
TMNT_warriors TMNT_warriors Nov 03, 2015
I started off laughing then I thought of what a horrible person I am for laughing so now I'm crying