Your mine brat/Levi x reader

Your mine brat/Levi x reader

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This_aint_a_scene By LanaOwens7 Updated Nov 15

This is a tale of man and woman, beaten and broken, strongest and stronger... angel and sugar...

As the angel walked into the dismal den of the devil leaving behind the only thing that kept her heart full of sweet love, her drug, her ecstasy, her sugar.

As the soldier stood alone watching all that was sacred to him be trapped inside a cage where birds come to die and demons come to fly, his saint, his holiness, his angel.

I have to admit this is the best Levi x Reader I have ever read. Good job
Oh Levi why thank you *hair flip* I am pretty hawt if I say so myself.                       ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
MarHeichou MarHeichou Nov 02
Sure, hon Eren gonna cheat and u be running bck 2 Levi faster den Eren can even make a horse roast
YOUR the one who cheated,I went to Levi's room because HE'S my corporal and a friend 😡
Otaku1235_ Otaku1235_ Sep 02
*dabs repeatedly* 
                              Levi: what are you doing, brat?
                              Me: Its called dabbing you wouldn't know because right now its 2016 and in aot it's the year 860 
                              Levi:......oohh...*starts dabbing repeatedly too*
Eren cheated with Mikasa and he angry with me for kissing Corpral , it makes no sense. Eren should be ashamed, we were dating for fucks sakes