Your Mine Brat// Levi x reader //

Your Mine Brat// Levi x reader //

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This_aint_a_scene By LanaOwens7 Updated Aug 18, 2017

This is a tale of man and woman, beaten and broken, strongest and stronger... angel and sugar...

As the angel walked into the dismal den of the devil leaving behind the only thing that kept her heart full of sweet love, her drug, her ecstasy, her sugar.

As the soldier stood alone watching all that was sacred to him be trapped inside a cage where birds come to die and demons come to fly, his saint, his holiness, his angel.

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Devilslittlegirl318 Devilslittlegirl318 Sep 15, 2017
*slits his throat* oops... I killed humanities last hope *shrugs with bloody knife in hand*
AmyTrancy AmyTrancy Aug 19, 2017
When I was reading this all I heard while I was watching  Markiplier was 'I'm so boned'
leadorablewalrus leadorablewalrus Nov 28, 2017
I'm not blind to not see that...well, in this case, read that
Devilslittlegirl318 Devilslittlegirl318 Sep 15, 2017
I ship this, but Eren cheated so I must do protocol for this situation *sighs and walks to Eren*
                              *Beats Eren mercilessly with a cochlea*
Death_Ackerman Death_Ackerman Oct 08, 2017
No I don't and don't either 
                              *Throws eren and Levi's windex bottle out of the window*
DrOcelot DrOcelot Apr 18, 2017
So uh... we told armin ever ao.casually "Hey there buddy old pal chum fren, I'm fuckin yer boss tonight!" And he just responds with "Omg, that's great! I'm so excited and happy for you!!!"? I dint think that's logic