Piano [Kagamine Len X Reader]

Piano [Kagamine Len X Reader]

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(Y/n) is a lonely girl. She has a broken home, no friends, you can guess the rest. The only thing that keeps her together is music. She's an amazing pianist and singer. She can play almost anything, and her vocals are beautiful.

One day, she is playing a song. The Disappearance Of Hatsune Miku to be exact. Only this time, it's The Disappearance Of (Y/n) (L/n). She's taken where her skills can be of use.

That's right. She is taken to join the other Vocaloids.

Kagamine Len I'm a video gammer and hates shopping I must agree with you (EW)
This is so relatable since I play te piano and I'm broken too
Congrats author chan!
                              You have the honor of this being the first book I ever read in 2017
PrincessMannLen PrincessMannLen Dec 19, 2016
                              1.MY HAIR
                              2.FAV COLOR
                              3.BLACK GLOVES
Eh no skirt no gloves no knee high boots...I hate being a girl sometimes
LaiRosyFriend LaiRosyFriend Dec 29, 2016
Don't worry dude, I'm not really interested with make up anyway... Or shopping... I'm quite tomboyish if I say so myself...