how to write smut and how to write gay smut

how to write smut and how to write gay smut

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s t e p h ✨ By lighterlucas Updated Dec 23, 2016

A guide on how to write smut.



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Dream_AngelZ Dream_AngelZ May 25, 2016
Bathe in holy water? Do you want me to burn to death????????
emlongbottom emlongbottom Apr 04, 2016
I was expecting it to just have one part that said DON'T in all capitals, bold, italics, and underlined.
pyrrhicdun pyrrhicdun Jul 23, 2016
Lol not even an entire ocean of holy water would wash away my sins
celestial_penguins celestial_penguins Jul 03, 2016
Holy water? Do you want the words 'I'M MEEEELTIIING' to plague your nightmares forever?
Katelleyn Katelleyn May 11, 2016
I can't find my toothbrush but I have the water anyone have a spare brush?
BoysLikesBoys BoysLikesBoys Sep 08, 2016
I always take a bath before I write coz it helps me to focus more