Westergold Legacy: Water

Westergold Legacy: Water

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Padraig Dempsey By Podgeypoo Updated Oct 29, 2015

At a house party, holding your best friends hair, while she pukes her guts up isn't the number one thing anyone wants to be doing. So while Jessica goes to retrieve spare clothes for her friend, she watches a meteor crash into the surrounding forest. 

Ditching her best friend to try find the crash zone, Jessica will soon learn that her life will be forever changed. If it will be for better or worse is up to Jessica herself.

But having these weird abilities isn't just a walk in the park, they are seriously affecting her daily life and Jessica doesn't know what to do. Not to mention the rise in crime in Westergold city and hearing about people with powers in the news.

Where does Jessica fit into all this and why does she feel like her life is in danger.

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