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Don't Touch the Alpha's Sister!

Don't Touch the Alpha's Sister!

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ᗩᘎ☂ᘎ♏ᾔ By LoneLotus Completed

Welcome to Nightfall Pack.
Rule One - Always be Loyal to every member no matter what.
Rule Two - Don't bring up the old Alpha's to the current one.
Rule Three - If your Mate's in another Pack, you need permission for them to join or for you to leave.
Rule Four - Death will be given to those who step out of line too much or betray the Pack.
Oh and most importantly,
If you do so, you won't live to see tomorrow.

These are the set of rules given out to each new member to join the Nightfall Pack. Derrek is the Alpha and he knows nothing good comes from having a mate. When his parents die at such a young age, he is forced to take care of his younger sister, Roxie. All this girl wants is a mate; someone to love and be her escape from reality. But Derrek would never allow it. 
Roxie is forced to stay away from any male who doesn't have a mated female and to go to an all girls high school. She's afraid with all these rules that she'll never find a mate! But when Derrek lets her sit in on a pack meeting with the Black Moon Pack, she may just find the love she's been waiting for. 
Will Roxie find a way around Derrek's rules, or will she be forced to give up on love for good? And what happens if mates aren't always what they're cracked up to be?
Better not touch the Alpha's sister!

team_Idontcare team_Idontcare Mar 30, 2016
I'm confused in the beginning ambel was Derek's mate right? And now she's someone else?
Firebugs Firebugs Mar 01, 2016
I think you meant definitely not diffidently. That changes the meaning of the sentence.
lucy090 lucy090 Sep 03, 2016
I'm already scared that's she'll mess up talking to a guy and I'm not ready for that kind of cringe
I read this while I was sad and wanting to...ok since no one knows who I am I wanted to hurt myself. I did. this made me happy. and it helped me not want to any more. and plz don't ask how I was. just don't. plz.
love_an_angel22 love_an_angel22 Feb 01, 2015
plot twist: Derek is her mate and that's why he's so over protective.  :/ Just a guess,  but that would be freaky, weird and awesome all at the same time.
IAmCandi IAmCandi Dec 04, 2014
idk i think she's a little bit rude. i mean he gave up his life yknow raisin you. he was only 16. at 16, if i'd lost my mum, my baby sis would've just been on her own