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Be Mine. (Yandere! Levi x Reader) [Slow Updates.]

Be Mine. (Yandere! Levi x Reader) [Slow Updates.]

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Pixxie By pixxiewingz Updated Mar 20

I really don't know what is going on with me. I see Cadet (L/n) laugh with those stupid brats. I wouldn't never call (y/n) a brat. She is not a brat at all. After she was hit by a titan, I knew that I had to protect her from everything...

(Warning: OOC Levi.)

For an army like the Survey Corps it would've been the infirmary, that and hospitals are bigger and run by the government, so for them, (from what I can assume) it'd probably be infirmary
msfancy73 msfancy73 Apr 28
People say no homo and I'm like no hetero!(don't question my knowledge, Fancy~chan knows what she's doing)
*leaves book*
                              *comes back because I'm hooked*
                              .........there's always books for that anyways......
KawaiiKohai69 KawaiiKohai69 Oct 10, 2016
Me: Hey Levi
                              Levi: What
                              Me: You're my b!tch >:)
                              Levi: Say that again. I double FVCKING DARE YOU!!!
                              Me: ... You're Eren's b!tch
                              Me: ...
KawaiiKohai69 KawaiiKohai69 Oct 10, 2016
Erwin: Well, (Y/n) will be in critical condition for awhile, I suggest we choose someone to take care of her.
                              Jean: Like how?
                              Erwin: You know, help her eat, change clothes, take baths-
                              Levi: *burst through the door* I VOLUNTEER! *knocks Jean to the ground* I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!
Badlittle_Albatraoz Badlittle_Albatraoz May 09, 2016
I call it the place where people need help but r too bítch âss lazy for the Icecream. :D Dum da ywa