IMPRESS. [Book 1]

IMPRESS. [Book 1]

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The royals are throwing the biggest event of the century. An event where six girls are chosen to compete at impressing the dark, blood-driven prince for a chance to become the future Queen of Asten and it's five regions: Agriassi, Iclia, Miriadan, Weimos, and the capital Aeralin. The six girls' lives are at stake and one wrong move could lead to their deaths.

After Natalya Andrea Ascelyn's parents are killed in a village fire, she is forced to live with her jealous Aunt Roslin. That is until Natalya is invited to live with her prince-guard brother at the castle, and finds herself competing in the IMPRESS event.
With only the thought of revenge raiding her mind, Natalya is nothing but determined to find out who killed her beloved parents. Going through hell and back during the competition to IMPRESS the murderous prince, Natalya grows stronger and more beautiful than anyone would've thought possible. Conflicted emotions, sex, war, love, blood, betrayal and special abilities are all combined to make Natalya's journey to the crown very bloody.

Only one girl will IMPRESS the prince whilst the other five unpleasantly die... Question is, who will make it to the final stage of the event alive?

This story includes twisted violence, strong language and sexual content. 
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