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She drew the attention of everyone with her beauty and charm. Although she was already one of his wives, the Emperor sought to keep her even closer. A one-shot of a man enchanted, and his willing prisoner.

AN: After receiving feedback from some readers, I've decided to expand the stories. I hope you enjoy reading them! Each chapter can be read as a standalone one shot, so you can stop any time you wish, but I sincerely hope that you will like the stories enough to read all of them!

Thank you Gadaffilicious for the amazingly beautiful cover! I've changed my username to purplebluedreams, so don't be surprised by the different name!

ashleymeigong ashleymeigong May 26, 2016
great job! the story is really staying true to imperial protocol :)
Kurupuru Kurupuru Jul 02, 2016
I keep imagining the emperor as some 50 year old guy ;-; 
                              I WANT HOT DOODS~~~
flamehazer flamehazer Mar 10, 2016
Yay! An update :) Love historical stories based around Imperial places ^^
flamehazer flamehazer Nov 09, 2015
Please do write more on Imperial Chinese Counts! Love your story :)