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Empathy (EDITING)

Empathy (EDITING)

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Xxkimiotaku By Xxkimiotaku Updated Jul 13

Eren was always involved with hospitals but it wasn't his fault. his health was very fragile and most of the time he would be sick in bed. though he wasn't depressed about this, no he was actually trying to find his happiness. Eren knew his health was fragile but he knew he wasn't going to die easily and everyone thought. he took good care of himself for his family because he knew his parents loved him dearly. though despite the fact that his family loved him, everyone hated him for some reason. Eren would get bullied from the football team, and many others from that school. For the passed years Levi Ackerman has been making fun of him but does he secretly love Eren? Levi tries pushing those thoughts away but he can't because he loves him and that's nots something you can just ignore. Levi soon finds out Eren has been placed in home schooled and he can't help but to feel guilty so he visits Eren for the pass days.. will Eren fall for Levi? or will he push him away. [pic belongs to me]

I use to take like 5 pills and 4 medicine liquid stuff. It tasted horrible and I hated it so much.
-The_Hanji_Zoe- -The_Hanji_Zoe- 4 days ago
This sounds like my mom actually. Only she doesn't say "excuse my language"
This boi lying. It's like you saying my spaghetti tastes good, it doesn't.
Oh god this made me cry😭😭😭😥😥 but this is a great book so far 😍😍
And I bet when he died they would suddenly care, it happens all the time
I love you but I'm judging omg! I hate bubblegum and i have coffee! But together?? Omg