Heaven Nor Hell (Romania x Purgatory/Fem!Purgatory A-Z)

Heaven Nor Hell (Romania x Purgatory/Fem!Purgatory A-Z)

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Lecia, Lillian, James, Elijah, and Lucifer By cloudstar Updated Aug 06, 2013


     Elijah was sitting at home in his living room, boredly playing a video game that Brianna had shown the Murdoc brothers. It was an older one, and the graphics were none too impressive; he did, however, enjoy the gameplay. Getting frustrated, he turned the game off and removed the cartridge from the slot (a habit that Brianna almost literally pounded into his head). Lucifer flopped onto the couch where Elijah had been sitting and let out a long, exaggerated sigh.

     "Eli, I'm booooooooored!!! Let's go fuck some shit up."

     "We always do that, though!"

     The two brothers sighed in boredom and started brainstorming ideas of what to do. All of the sudden, Lucifer remembered something.

      "DAMMIT!! Almost forgot that I'm supposed to release a demon at this girl's sleepover!! Fuckers think Wigi boards are hoaxes." Lucifer then jumped off of the couch and ran to his room, grabbed a rather wicked looking book, and ran out the door. Elijah groaned loudly, as he ...