Hotter Than The Fire He Tames

Hotter Than The Fire He Tames

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Jenny By OhhJenn Updated Dec 17, 2011

The truth is unravelling...
And the phophecy of light has been born...
Possess unminisiple abilities and controls the night.
Hold the pendant, also know as the Charm of Jan (Soul; life)
Demons and Angels come upon Earthe in search for the child,
Before they call on the last part of the prophecy,
Hidden in the heart of the charm,
Causing the thing every creature feared and wanted.

A war.

Will Earth become a land of blood, light or be balanced once again?

Only one is the key, exposed to the truth and pulled into the search, Sara Palmer, caught into something else unexpected. And another truth which was lead to another phophecy. Hard as it already was, lives were hung from a thin thread.

Secrets, truths, phophecies, destructable love, life & death.

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LustHateLove LustHateLove Oct 04, 2011
Oooh, interesting :)
                              I wonder who that little boy and his mother are...or what. 
                              Good job ! (Be sure to review this when you finish though)
OhhJenn OhhJenn Sep 20, 2011
                              Sorry ! But you'll get it when you read bit more ahead ; )
ReadingFanatic27 ReadingFanatic27 Sep 19, 2011
I just realized you dedicated this to me :D YAAAY! I feel so speshul.
OhhJenn OhhJenn Sep 18, 2011
                              : D That's the point ! I kind of freaked myself out when I wrote it on paper at night .. O.O
OhhJenn OhhJenn Sep 18, 2011
                              It'll keep getting more & more interesting ; )