Avengers Preferences and Imagines

Avengers Preferences and Imagines

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requests are open! pm them to me please (: 

↬ Tony Stark - Iron Man
↬ Steve Rogers - Captain America 
↬ Thor Odinson - Thor
↬ Clint Barton - Hawkeye 
↬ Bruce Banner - Hulk 
↬ Pietro Maximoff - Quicksilver 
↬ Natasha Romanoff - Black Widow
↬ Bucky Barnes - The Winter Soldier 


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I do not own any of the characters; all credits go to Marvel 
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i swear if a guy ever does this to me then says he loves me ?? shield yr groin mufucker
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Still seeing him more as a father figure than boyfriend
                              Really hoooooooooot father
                              Ah jesus
Marvel has taken over my mind and my dream world, I'm doing a test, I day dream about me being apart of the avengers xD
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The poptart at that store cost 2 dollars a box with 22 cents in tax
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Colin is a character in my favourite book (an a abundance of Katherine's...(
I was gonna skip this part, then saw, "COUGH COUGH, B*TCHES." I swear, Stan Lee makes a cameo everywhere.