Luna? Sir yes sir

Luna? Sir yes sir

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NotJustAGirlWithWifi By NotJustAGirlWithWifi Updated Jan 08, 2017

*Sequel to Luna? No Sir I'm A Marine*

Alex never realised how much of a change one year can make. She is now a Luna, a mother and a fiancé. Until now she thought the corp would be the most difficult thing she would have to go through. Little did she know becoming a Marine would pale in comparison to her life with Luke.

Alex's life isn't the only one that is changing. As friends and leaders of the pack they're going to make this year their year.....but it's never that simple, they should have learned that last year.

(This book will be written in the 3rd person unlike Luna? No Sir I'm A Marine)

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laughuntilyoudie13 laughuntilyoudie13 Nov 22, 2017
Reread “Luna? No sir I’m a marine” about 50 Times just found out there is a sequel 😂
Xx_HybridShifter_xX Xx_HybridShifter_xX May 01, 2016
Im so happy right now. I've been waiting for this book. So so happy
lalalandeh lalalandeh May 05, 2016
All the numbers remind me of Hamilton lol. Maybe I should rap this.
ashleygirl10191 ashleygirl10191 Sep 02, 2016
Aw I was so excited to read this but I can't stand reading story's that aren't in first person :-(  but I hope everyone else enjoys
mrssanchez1986 mrssanchez1986 Nov 26, 2016
What happened to the rest of the story?  It was getting really good was enjoying it
qxeenbey qxeenbey May 11, 2016
don't be a Veronica Roth alright she will not die because that is the only logical reason as to why it would make sense later on or your just trying something new which is cool but i don't want her to add on to the growing list of dead characters