Levi x Reader ONE SHOTS

Levi x Reader ONE SHOTS

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Marco Bodt By Fab_freckles Updated Apr 13, 2016

Hello my lovelies, welcome to this Levi x reader one shot book filled with all kinds of one shots! I hope you enjoy this fantabulous book!

(Requests closed for now)

Warning: Contains Levi x reader smexiness and cuteness.

Levi x fem! Reader btw!

J-JadenLove J-JadenLove Jun 15, 2016
Levi X Cheater! Reader
                              *Ive never seen a reader who cheated. They're all Cheater! Levi X Reader. I really wanna see the reader be the Cheater for once XD
Second_user Second_user Jul 29, 2016
Why cry over that BÏTCH when you've got your nuttella? I mean come on. It's NUTTELLA!
AllieWhisp AllieWhisp Jul 23, 2016
Why are you crying over some dumb motherfucker when you could be mouth harassing a hamburger?
IvyAckerman25 IvyAckerman25 Apr 09, 2016
How about a Vampire Levi x Badass Human Reader? I can help with any writing or plotting if you need?
Syberia-Chan Syberia-Chan Oct 01, 2016
I will be ur cleaning princess! Let us build a windex castle with a broom throne and live there, just the two of us, my cleaning prince!
-DreamKiller- -DreamKiller- Jul 01, 2016
HELL YEAH! HOT TOPIC IS MAH FAVORITE STORE!!!! (Too bad there isn't any near Bullhead City 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭)