A pervert's  diary (yaoi)

A pervert's diary (yaoi)

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Fuyuni By Fuyuni Updated Oct 29, 2016

A continuation  of the "A pervert's chatroom" story~
  Enjoy real life yaoi~
  Warning: This is a boys love story with various male characters. It may be  too much for some people that is why if you think you can not handle this then do not keep reading this story and quickly leave. It may consume your soul into the yaoi world that you do not know about ...yet... You have been warned what happens now is in your own hands. For all the people who do not know what I mean, I mean sexual conversations in a chatroom.

FroxzBeat FroxzBeat Sep 22, 2016
No sex for a week if u want to have sex with the tree u force me to stand
LenaCarter0 LenaCarter0 Nov 26, 2016
Can someone help? The name of the character is unknown to me, due to the lack of a last name. Any ideas?
Achan2 Achan2 Mar 21, 2016
You can try to do Yandere Simulator  I have so many ideas...
TheLandofFandoms TheLandofFandoms Oct 29, 2015
XD Wow! I felt like something bad was gonna happen to (M/n)...
TheLandofFandoms TheLandofFandoms Oct 26, 2015
Ahahahahaha hahah! Wow! This is way more perverted *Snickers*