A wild man's primal instinct. *Completed*

A wild man's primal instinct. *Completed*

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Inspired by Tarzan**

Shipwrecked at three years old, Angus has known nothing but the jungle he now calls home. Faced with survival day in day out and all alone, he never realized the piece of him he was missing. The human side.

Unpredictable events are thrown to Angus, ones he could never imagine in his wildest dream, all from this one girl, Evelyn, who sailed to his jungle for a research expedition. His instinct is to protect her and never let her go as she brings out something in him he hasn't felt in years.

'Take, for example, the African jungle, the home of the cheetah. On whom does the cheetah prey? The old, the sick, the wounded, the weak, the very young, but never the strong. Lesson: If you would not be prey, you had better be strong'. - G. Gordon Liddy

NOTE: Wattpad has marked this as 'mature' (it's not actually that bad but what the hey, it's their website) so if you can't view chapters then you'll have to follow me sadly. Unfollow me straight again afterwards if you wish though :) !! )

  • adventure
  • angus
  • change
  • dominant
  • evelyn
  • jungle
  • love
  • mature
  • possessive
  • romance
  • shipwreck
  • survival
  • tarzan
  • territorial
“But I know every rock and tree and creature
                              Has a life, has a spirit, has a name”😂😂😂
Aslecis Aslecis Oct 08
Honestly i would be scared seeing him after the details of his physical appearance 😨
Aslecis Aslecis Oct 08
I wonder does he know how to speak since he spent most of his life in jungle wth no human contact
Something tells me using the word breasts wouldn't make this sound so immature but anyway 😂😂