Server Girl

Server Girl

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partnersin_crime By partnersin_crime Updated Jul 29, 2016

Lea, a not so normal girl with a not so normal life. Her mom is always at work trying to help with bills. Her dad is never around. Lea tries the best she can to take care of her self juggling school and work. She works at a popular diner in the middle of a small town hoping it will for fill the debt she has on her life. 

"Lea? Im gonna switch you tables." My boss says walking towards my table i was supposed to be helping. 

"Why?" I simply asked. 

"A young man asked for you by name" she smiled at me while nodding her head towards the back end of the diner. 

I was shocked to see the boy that has been coming here for the past couple of weeks every couple of days. 

I walk towards the table taking out my pad and pen. 

"What would you like?" I asked politely trying to avoid his gaze. 

"To get to know you." He replied smoothly. 

I looked at him and all i saw was the handsome boy smiling at me.