She belonged to a king

She belonged to a king

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thedarkheart00 By thedarkheart00 Updated May 29, 2016

He stole her land, her people, and her happiness. Now the only thing left of her was her dead eyes and her blank look. 

Alcaeus the king of all werewolves was a wicked man who craved power. He slaughtered anything that got in the way. 

Nothing could stop him not even his beautiful, innocent, and sweet Mate Athena.

See what happens as Alcaeus steals yet another land, Athena's land, but this time he will reap the consequences of his actions. 

What will the consequences be?

The loss of his mate's happiness, life, and along with it her sanity.

This story will not be a fairytale story where mates meet and instantly fall in love. No it will be far from that prepare yourself before entering into the cruel reality of Athena's life.

Someone call the looney bin!!! I found that patient that escaped
- - Mar 28, 2016
He is a crazy okay let me call someone real quick"Yes insane asylum I found another one,yes it will be a challenge to get him there"
lynjay lynjay Mar 06, 2016
Gahh damn.. was not what i was expecting... Pretty dark so far. I like it though . This sh!t is going to be interesting
whynot1244 whynot1244 Apr 03, 2016
Ur crazy u know what kind of sicko would go to u with open arms after u kill the only life she as ever know
LiveLoveLaughx3 LiveLoveLaughx3 Oct 16, 2016
I don't know if I want to read this book considering it hasn't been updated in the longest
jal2020 jal2020 Apr 25, 2016
Dis crazy ass nigga in dis book just made my day dat was so good 😂