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The Pirates Assassin

The Pirates Assassin

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Aleks °ω° By Dragneer Updated Feb 22

She is committing her life to find the one who killed her beloved family and those connected. With a scattered memory, she looks for a book that will contain the names involved of her familys massacre. The beautiful blonde uses her looks to gather information, then dwells in shadows at night spilling the blood of the worst.

He is finishing what his father could not. To bring the royal system to its knees. This Pinknette is the black beard of the seas merciless and fearless. After his family's death, he taken in by another fatherly figure to a life of a pirate. He leads his grandfather's once crew now as his own to continue his legacy.

 The assassin must work together with the pirate to achieve their their own desires.
Will a common link bring them to work as one? Or will it lead to more death?

karatechild karatechild Nov 27, 2016
This chapter was amazing!! I feel like I'm reading a book written by a professional author 😄😄 Keep up the good work 😁👍😁🙌
Ladynoir4Life208 Ladynoir4Life208 Nov 07, 2016
Oh my god I am loving this book. Its just like Assassin's Creed: Black Sails only Fairy Tail style.
libby10XD libby10XD Oct 30, 2016
Sorry Imma nerd and I just have to correct this, the X on his chest would not have been bloody, it would be dry if he had flames around  his sword because the heat would disinfect it and stop the bleeding, oki I'm don't  now, come kill me if you like ^v^
XxGeorgie-PorgiexX XxGeorgie-PorgiexX Dec 23, 2016
She would make a great member of the assassins creed 😂😂😂
xWarorAiden xWarorAiden Dec 28, 2016
Assassin creed black flag all over again lol love this book ^_^👍
Nihhlana Nihhlana Sep 02, 2016
Why is it always the guards that get the short end of the stick.... I can't be the only one who pity them ;-;