Finding my Fangirl

Finding my Fangirl

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NerdyMuffin By GirlyNerdWritesBooks Updated Dec 29, 2016

She's gone. That's all Mark thinks about now, (Y/N) is gone. He remembered the way she used to smile, or when she would play games, how her tongue would stick out at as she concentrated. The police are trying so hard to find where (Y/N) had gone, but they have no track. Kaylee had to be behind his fan girl's disappearance. She was his and now... now she's gone. 

Mean while (Y/N) finds herself in hell. Back to her old roots of the stinging pain across her back and everywhere. The taunting words they yell at her as she tries to find hope. She wishes Mark could be here; she wishes she wasn't a mistake. She wants to be with Mark again. "Mark... save me from this hell."

Cover Design: @ellz1310
CopyRight: @GirlyNerdWritesBooks 

(This is the second book in the series. I suggest you read the first one first! ^-^)

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Ace_of_hearts__ Ace_of_hearts__ Mar 13, 2017
Bitch please! I mean, like Jesus fricking Christ! This isn't the kind of person Mark would date at all!
JustNerdy15 JustNerdy15 Jul 25, 2017
what is it her pov on her death from me hitting all three of them with a plane and any survivers of it being dropped from really high up :D
Ace_of_hearts__ Ace_of_hearts__ Mar 13, 2017
Meat her voice... what kind of meat? Like, turkey or ham or sausage? I mean, I've gotta know the details here or else I'm gonna be clueless
jdneedsmoreslushies jdneedsmoreslushies Aug 31, 2016
OMG THAT B!*$% SHE DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE DID  btw i am talking about kalee
Gamer_Grace Gamer_Grace Nov 29, 2016
Me and Mark will get married and stuff then adopt those kids, it's not their fault
IndieIsInsane IndieIsInsane Feb 22, 2017
*crys harder* DONT TALK ABOUT DANNY!!  *I'm actually crying*