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The Bad Boy always gets his ways

The Bad Boy always gets his ways

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Tanice By taniceforever Updated Jun 14

Meet Grace Smith, she's 17, she's your average high school girl, she's smart, kind, caring, she thinks that everybody is kind in their own way, a bit clumsy, she doesn't drink, smoke or have any tattoos, she has a boyfriend(Jake Johnson) and she loves him dearly, but what happens when she overheard someone talking about Jake kissing some cheerleader.
  Now meet Ryder Wilson, he's 18, he's the bad boy of the school, he smokes, drinks, has a piercing, tattoos, he's fit but lazy, he's normally late to school/classes, he never smiles only smirks, he only does one night stands, has a bad boy attitude, he's never had a real relationship, he's cocky, he only trust himself and he's possessive.
  What happens when Grace accidentally bumps into Ryder
  Will it be love at first sight?
  Will Grace break up with Jake?
  Will Ryder change his bad boy ways for Grace?
  Will Ryder fall for Grace?
  This book contains strong language

Ok so in the description it says 'is grace going to break up with jake' after she finds out he cheated, well let me just say she BETTER because he is a freaking cheater and those deserve to be set on fire
pizzaland- pizzaland- Sep 29, 2016
People shouldn't expect gifts for their birthday. They're GIFTS. If you get them that's great and if you don't, that's okay too.
Breesworld Breesworld Jun 15, 2016
Why is she mad at him though? Like he wasn't pressuring her just suggesting. They ARE in a relationship after all
BloodyCrusher BloodyCrusher Jun 13, 2016
UMMMMMMM I'm sorry but I have to say this not to be rude or anything. Secrets shouldn't have an apostrophe and in ur story title gets shouldn't have an apostrophe either.
                              Sorry again
InsaNe_ElisaBeth InsaNe_ElisaBeth Sep 21, 2016
Hold tf up... this girl at my school is named "Grace Smith" 0-0.....??
vanillavarnish vanillavarnish Sep 29, 2016
"your shirt says aim to please right?"
                              me: already pulling my katana out