Titan Queen [Levi X Reader] {COMPLETED}

Titan Queen [Levi X Reader] {COMPLETED}

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Queen Tomata By InsanelyTomato Completed

The world is quiet. The silence unnerving. It lasts. It remains.

And then it is dutifully broken. By what? A girl. A simple girl who pops up from nowhere and has no idea who she is or where she came from. Her memory is blank, her slate wiped clean. Yet, her skills are over the top, the best of the best. Second to perhaps one.

Despite this, she is adopted into the Survey Corps without much fuss and, slowly, becomes one of them. All doubts and uncertainties die and she is fully accepted. 

But then Trost is attacked. She's sent into battle, but what happens when one coincidence follows another, and another?

Things are never really as they seem, because, in this harsh reality, there are no such thing as coincidences. 

}|{ Sorry, bad description. I'm not that good at them, as I've realized. Eep. Whelp. Not much I can do about it. Hope you'll give this story a chance..? Yeah? e.e Okay }|{

}|{ CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Don't be afraid to point me out on my errors! They help! I've learned a lot from my readers :) }|{

}|{ DISCLAIMER }|{  I do NOT own Attack on Titan or any of its characters. I only own the plot }|{

The description! I read it, saw the cool cover, and was like," hey! HEY! This book looks good!" Then I opened it and stuffy stuff and am very happy :)
Cover, description and the title was intriguing (plus it's a Levi fanfic)
Recommendation for he sequel and I was like wait it's a Levi fic... YASSS(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so yeah
Luna60_ Luna60_ Nov 21
                              I wish this was a Various x Reader, not just a Levi x Reader
Any book that has more than 20 chapters is an immediate go to for me
1. A levi fanfic... hm... 
                              2. I need to read this *adds to library*
                              3. I want nachos