The Super Amazing Saturn Project (phan fiction) (complete)

The Super Amazing Saturn Project (phan fiction) (complete)

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Rae By phanwhitets Completed

so basically if you've stumbled across this story i must warn you of suicide, self-harm, abuse, alcohol, language, and sex ;)

so Phil gets assigned a new project for his astronomy class and instantly likes dan. Although his constant insecurities and troubled memories always cause him to believe that dan could never love him. Dan, though, has fallen for this sad boy and also believes that Phil couldn't like him back. then sad things happen, happy things happen, blah blah blah read it to find out 

if your reading it, i declare you awesome

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Nonononononono babby your beautiful like every single one of you
J'aime francais! C'est un beau. J'ai parle un francais pour... neuf years now, wow I can't believe I've been taking French for ninw years now and that's pretty much all I know how to say... are you proud mother?
im so tired i read fück load as unicorn and just thought MIKEY WAY
Uggggh I'm just highkey thinkin bout how hot science phil is
I need to stop being so sour about that it's been like 2 months
But like I'm very upset because I put so much effort into that and she genuinely seemed like she liked me too but nooOOOOooo