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TravellersHeart By TravellersHeart Completed

1. Dismiss as inadequate, inappropriate, or not to one's taste

Rejection, something i have felt the whole of my life, from the minor people in my life like the shopkeeper of Bloomingdale's rejecting me from the job i needed to the major people like my mom, rejecting me by dying and my boyfriend rejecting me for my best friend...

but now that i have a fresh start in a new town, will rejection rule my life...
from the aunt i never knew i had?
from the people in my new school?
from the gorgeous werewolf who happens to be my mate?

Bubbledropz Bubbledropz Jul 25, 2016
I always cry when I'm angry to contain it and sometimes when I cry I cry for everything that's hurt me and many people call me weak bc of it honestly  I wish animals could speak bc I could care less about human friends
Lunar_Night_19 Lunar_Night_19 Apr 09, 2016
I feel bad but I'm the spitting image of a stereotypical girl because I will literally cry at anything. My best friend once showed me a video of a girl dancing and I started crying for no apparent reason I just felt as if I needed to cry over the video. So sorry
Fangirl6543210 Fangirl6543210 Jul 10, 2016
Oh god I feel like a cry baby with this comments ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ Last time I cryed was 3 days ago for a movie 😢😢😢
lolyounotfunny lolyounotfunny Jan 06, 2016
Last time I cried was when I couldn't pass a level on roblox
xXbookworm56Xx xXbookworm56Xx Dec 21, 2015
I cried like 7 months ago cause i fell in a hole and needle cut my skin so deep when i took my leg out of the hole there was so much blood and could see the bone  it hurt like a bitch
Hino1Hyuga Hino1Hyuga Dec 08, 2015
Ah, god dammit! I was waiting for the cliché moment and it's so badly overrated.