The Alpha Badboy's mate

The Alpha Badboy's mate

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Meet Axel he is the next alpha of his clan the blue moon pack but I should not forget he is a Greek god, super hot, egotistical. He sleeps around and doesn't give a flying fuck about anything. He is addicted to beer and is always drunk.

Meet Taylor she is a human, awkward, weird, bookworm, outcast, and antisocial. She doesn't care about anything only her books. She is really observant with people but that is how people are when they are lonely right? She hates knowing that she will always be alone and that no one loves her. 

But what if everything changed for them. That their two worlds collide and they meet each other.  Will they fall in love with each other? Or their habits of being very stubborn separate them? 

There will be 

It will tug at your heart strings 

I am introducing you wattpad lovers to The Alpha Badboy's Mate

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Hold up. Is this just me. But as soon as he said this, my heart just quickened up thinking Francisco saying this. Hot damnnnnn. 
                              Just me. Okay
I have a twin sister whose older than me. And I'm about to have a younger sister. I heard being the middle child is awful. So I have to be the baby while it lasts. 😭😭😭😭
NikkiJay13 NikkiJay13 Aug 31
Wait this is a werewolf story? Damn i just realized😅 am i that slow? Lol
Finally. You see a creep don't speed walk run the f out of there
My friend always says it's not her time of the month but we already know it is.
Sorry to criticize but in book's summary, you have mistakenly written “He is a Greek goddess” though it should have written “He is a Greek god” instead.