Golden Eyes(OHSHC Fanfiction)(BoyxBoy)

Golden Eyes(OHSHC Fanfiction)(BoyxBoy)

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Prince Alastair Rose Aldric

Alastair was sent to Japan by his father to go to one of the most prestigious schools in all of the world.. Ouran Academy.. Alastair can easily go there by the mentioning on his family name... For he is the 3rd prince to the thrown in Britain. Alastair is known for being stuck up well those that actually try to get to know him. He considered a problem child by the way he acted since brith he would rather focus on staying active then politics most of the reason he is being sent the school in the first place. If you really want to discribe his personality you could say he is a Tsundere..

Boy x Boy
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SaL012 SaL012 Aug 14, 2017
Just gonna say this... I'm PERFECTLY FINE with incest....except not really in real life
SaL012 SaL012 Aug 14, 2017
I honestly have a big sister complex so I can totally see what Jasper sees
CaptainDelca CaptainDelca Mar 11, 2017
You say brother Complex  I think of the song Brother Complex   (it's a different  version of remote control)
Armin_Krista Armin_Krista Jun 30, 2017
Yes..Best Personality there is..Well one of the best but still!!
CreepyPastaLady06 CreepyPastaLady06 Jun 14, 2017
When I was reading this, I imagined they had british accents.  I have no idea why...?
I'll swap, I go to Japan and you live in England. Anime land, here I come!