The Uchiha's Angel (Sequel to Entirely Yours)

The Uchiha's Angel (Sequel to Entirely Yours)

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Bushra Zahin By hikari_kei2003 Completed

It's  been three years since Haruhi has joined the Akatsuki and she has grown really beautiful with her black hair that reaches just below her waist and her now permanently red eyes.

She has had all her memories about Sasuke sealed away by the Akatsuki but when she meets him again will her memories return?
Will she discover new secrets about the beast sealed away in her and her YinYang Kekkei genkai?
And will Haruhi find out about what really happened in her past and who her birth parents were?

Meanwhile Sasuke is doing whatever he can to kill Itachi and re-unite with his love Haruhi.
The two lovers face a lot of difficulties but is there love strong enough to get them together again?

Find out in The Uchiha's Angel (Sequel to Entirely Yours).
I did not follow the story line and if you are going to read this book you should read the first book first. The first book is called Entirely Yours (A Sasuke love story) this book is the sequel. Hope you read it.

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Zetsu: not to be racist but im black and whit and asian
                              Me: *Itachi facepalm*
Gwaedhil Gwaedhil Jan 26
Wait a minute! How the hell did they manage to kidnap Gaara!!!!?????
KakashiIsMyBae KakashiIsMyBae Jul 17, 2016
I feel like a racist white father when I think of zetsu's white/black body 😂 I can't be the only one
_Bellaxbeba_ _Bellaxbeba_ Apr 15, 2016
T.T I ended up squealing about how cool the cover is and now.... ITS AWESOME
Ravens_Shadow_16 Ravens_Shadow_16 Oct 30, 2016
I don't exactly like tellie tubbies
                              I find them annoying,childish, and fairly creepy 😑
DrxgonflyAffect DrxgonflyAffect Jul 30, 2016
That's not possible.  She was 13 when she left. She should be 16 now.