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Diabolik Lovers~ They have a Sister?

Diabolik Lovers~ They have a Sister?

28K Reads 782 Votes 23 Part Story
Holo Sakamaki By OtakuPrincess1 Updated Feb 01

The Sakamaki Brothers and their Sacrificial Bride, Yui Komori,get a letter from Karlheinz saying that they will be having another bride, Holo Saki. What will happen when they soon discover that she's their older sister?

Sweetiepie_Jam Sweetiepie_Jam Aug 06, 2016
Oh Ggaaawwdd... I just can't stop laughing because of the 22 cast members.. XD
CrystalBloodRose CrystalBloodRose Dec 21, 2016
I like how the only nice nicknames are kana-chan an azu-chan it's ironic if you think about it
shizukesa shizukesa Feb 18, 2016
KARLHEINZ......  YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!!!!! *points accusatory finger*
jheweyganda jheweyganda Aug 14, 2016
Bwahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!Author those are some funny nicknames!!!!!!!!!!
Nakura_Sakamaki Nakura_Sakamaki Oct 19, 2016
Is anyone worried that the girl's name is the beginning of holocaust.....? No? Just me....?
hunnybunny223 hunnybunny223 Jul 19, 2016
Y a masochist!? Every fanfic always has the girls as masochist, I will love for one to be sadist